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stout acres
Stout Acres Road
Chicken House Fire

Feb 2013
VIP for a VIP

Oct 2012
custom made label
New Engine
Final inspection before delivery

Aug 2010
Building on fire
Mill Fire

Sept 2010
Fire and Safety Education Day

May 7, 2011
Live Burn Instructor trainingn
Live Burn Instructor training with
Franklinville, Climax, Staley,
and East Side Fire Departments

Oct 2009 (12 pictures)
Practice victim
Extrication Training

June 2009 (12 pictures)

Ladder 8 spraying
Spraying water from Ladder 8.

June 2009 (5 pictures)
Controlled burn
Brady St controlled burn.

Feb 2008 (10 pictures)
controlled burn at Cedar Falls
Cedar Falls Controlled Burn

April 2008 (7 pictures)
Chimney still standing
Walker Store Rd controlled burn

April 2008 (12 pictures)
Farm Safety Day
Farm Safety Day

Sept 2008 (20 Pictures)
lumber mill burining
lumber mill fire

Sept 2008 (4 pictures)
sign on tanker 225
Muscular Dystrophy

Sept 2008 (9 pictures)