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1/3/13 17:32 - FFD responded to assist East Side Fire(Sta 14) for the reported structure fire on Brookwood Dr. Engine 143 arrived to find a working fire in a 1-story brick dwelling. Engine 8 and Tanker 83 arrived soon after. Engine 8 caught the hydrant for Engine 143 and Engine 8's crew went to work performing search and aggressive overhaul to assist Engine 143's interior fire attack. Lengthy overhaul was required due to the extent of the fire and smoke damage. 19-C (Husband) had command. Westside Fire and RCEMS were also on scene.

brookwood fire
Photo from: ESFD

12/27/12 - The lot has been graded at the site of the future Station 88. The bid was awarded to Asheboro Construction.

12/9/12 - FFD held its annual Awards Banquet.

Congratulations to the 2012 FFD Award Recipients:
Most Improved Firefighter - FF Jay Montgomery
Officer of the Year - Lt. Josh Dixon
Firefighter of the Year - FF Kyle Martin

The 2012 Annual Video was presented by "8house Productions". View it below in HD.

11/14/12 04:06 - FFD responded to a reported outbuilding fire on Dixon Street in Ramseur (Sta. 4)'s first due. Engine 8 arrived to find a fully involved outbuilding. Engine 8 deployed a handline to extinguish the fire. FFD crews also assisted with overhaul.

Franklinville Engine 44, Ramseur Engine 41, Engine 43, and Truck 48 also responded. Chief 4(Ledwell) had command.

11/11/12 16:04 - FFD responded to a vehicle accident with entrapment and one fatality. FFD crews quickly extricated the entrapped patient, who was then airlifted to a trauma center. Engine 22, Engine 8, Squad 22, and Rescue 8 were on scene. NCSHP, RCEMS, and UNC Air Care also responded. AC-22(Welborn) had command.

11/7/12 18:06 - FFD was dispatched to a reported woods fire off Carl Allred Rd. E88 arrived to find a large working woods fire, well off the roadway. Crews from E88, E84, and Tanker 83 worked to access and knock down the majority of the fire. NC Forest Service responded with a dozer and plow to cut a secure fire line around the fire. FFD units were on scene for over four hours. East Side (Sta. 24) filled in with an engine company at Sta. 8. AC-22(Welborn) had command.

11/6/12 21:27 - Engine 8, Engine 22, and Tanker 83 responded to assist Ramseur FD (Sta. 4) on a reported house fire.

Chief 4 (Ledwell) arrived to find fire in the walls and attic space of the residence. FFD crews worked to ventilate the attic space and overhaul the interior to expose the hidden fire, with Ramseur crews extinguishing the fire.

E41, E43, Truck 48, and 824 (Hunt) were also on scene. Chief 4 had command.

10/27/22 - Photos posted from the "VIP for a VIP" program at ERHS.
"VIP for a VIP" Photo Gallery
Facebook Photo Album

10/22/12 - Update on the construction of Station 88.

The lot on Hwy. 22 South has been cleared of all trees, stumps, and brush. The next construction step to take place will be grading of the lot. Building specifications have been sent out to six different builders for bid submission.

Stay tuned to the FFD Facebook page and for more updates on FFD's fourth station.

Franklinville Fire Department and other area agencies to present "VIP FOR A VIP" Program to ERHS Students.

One of the hottest issues affecting us all is motor vehicle safety. In particular, young adult drivers are being injured at an alarming rate. On Thursday, October 18, 2012, Franklinville Fire Department along with East Side Fire Department, Climax Fire Department, Randolph County Sheriff's Office, Randolph County Schools, Randolph County Emergency Services, NC State Highway Patrol, NC Wildlife Commission, Ramseur Police Department, Subway, Eastern Randolph High School, Eastern Randolph High Army JROTC, Creason's Towing, Johnny's Towing, Old Dominion Freight Lines, Vomela, Peters Auto Mall, Allstate Insurance, and Triad MADD will offer an informative and moving program to young adult drivers and their families in an effort to prevent future tragedies.

The "VIP for a VIP" (Vehicle injury Prevention for a Very important Person), consists of a PowerPoint presentation and video to be shown at 9:00 am in the Eastern Randolph High School Gym. Facts and figures directly related to young adult driver fatalities will also be given to the students. At 2:00 pm, the students will be moved outside for a demonstration of a fatal car crash. In preparation for this event, students are encouraged to complete and return the "VIP Contract for the Life of a VIP". This contract outlines safety measures the student promises to take so that he/she can remain safe while operating a vehicle, in addition to agreeing to a "zero tolerance" for drugs or alcohol.

This Program is dedicated to the students who have lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents at Eastern Randolph High School since it opened in 1968. We sincerely believe that through an on-going young adult driver safety program and strong faculty support, young adult traffic fatalities can be reduced in our community.

Location of Program:
Eastern Randolph High School
390 Eastern Randolph Road
Ramseur, NC 27316

Press Release

10/2/12 - Franklinville Fire personnel have been busy clearing this lot on Hwy. 22 South (near Stout Acres Rd.) to make room for FFD's 4th station. Station 88 and the recently opened Sta. 44 are part of Franklinville Fire's plan to provide complete coverage to all Franklinville Fire District residents.

Approximately 200 parcels of land are not within the "6-mile district", resulting in higher insurance premiums for homeowners. With the addition of Stations 44 and 88, these parcels will be within 6 miles of a Franklinville Fire station and will recieve credit for fire protection on their homeowner's insurance, resulting in lowered premiums.

Stay tuned to and the FFD Facebook page for more updates on the construction of Station 88.
Station 88 lot

8/30/12 23:24 - FFD responded to a reported structure fire on Ramseur-Julian Road. Engine 8 arrived to find a vacant structure with heavy fire showing. FFD crews initiated a transitional attack to knockdown the fire. E84, T83, and T22 were also on scene. Staley FD, Climax FD, and 820(Whatley) also responded.
Ramseur-Julian Fire

€Ž5/3/12 14:08 - Engine 8 and Rescue 8 responded to a two-vehicle accident with entrapment on US Hwy. 64 East. Units arrived to find a tractor-trailer vs. a passenger car. Personnel handled patient removal, hazard mitigation, and assisted with patient care. Fire units remained on scene until 17:00, providing traffic control while the damaged trailer was removed from the roadway. RCEMS, NCSHP, and NCDOT also responded. Chief 8 (Dixon) had command.

5/3/12 08:12 - Engine 8 and Rescue 8 responded to a single vehicle pin-in accident. FFD provided extrication, hazard mitigation, and patient care. East Side FD (Sta. 24) established a landing zone for Carolina Air Care. Ashe-Rand Rescue 1, RCEMS, and NCSHP also responded. Chief 8 (Dixon) had command.

5/3/12 05:18 - Engine 8 and Rescue 8 responded to a single vehicle accident on NC Hwy. 22 North. Units arrived to find a motorcycle which struck an animal in the roadway. Personnel assisted with patient care and traffic control. RCEMS and NCSHP were also on scene. 22-A (Allred) had command.

4/17/12 19:26 - Engine 8, Rescue 8, and Squad 22 responded to a single vehicle MVA on Ramseur-Julian Road. Units arrived to find one vehicle, down an embankment and in a creek. Occupants were free of the vehicle upon arrival. RCEMS and NCSHP also responded. 22-A (Allred) had command.
car in creek

4/12/12 17:36 - Engine 8 and Rescue 8 responded to a single vehicle MVC on Andrew Hunter Road. Units arrived to find a single vehicle which struck a building. Occupants were free of the vehicle with minor injuries. There was little structural damage. FFD personnel assisted with patient care, hazard mitigation, and traffic control. RCEMS, RCSO, and NCSHP were also on scene. AC-22(Welborn) had command.
Engine 8
(Photo: Engine 8 blocks Andrew Hunter Road to protect emergency crews.)

3/31/12 10:26 - FFD responded to assist Ramseur Fire (Sta. 4) on a reported structure fire on Salisbury Street. Engine 8 arrived to find a working fire with flames visible. Engine 8's crew made a quick, interior attack while an additional crew provided vertical ventilation. FFD personnel also assisted with overhaul. Franklinville Tanker 22, Ramseur E41, E43, and Truck 48 were also onscene. Chief 4 (Ledwell) had command.
Salisbury Street Fire Salisbury Street Overhaul

3/13/12 06:24 - FFD was dispatched to a reported residential fire on Pleasant Ridge Road. Engine 8 arrived to find a working fire. Crews worked to quickly extinguish the fire and search the residence, confirming that all occupants had exited. The fire was contained to one room and there were no injuries. Engine 44 was also on scene. East Side Fire, RCEMS, and 823(Pittman) also responded. Chief 8(Dixon) had command.

Franklinville Fire Department is now an officially Certified Medium Rescue and Medical Responder Provider through the North Carolina Association of Rescue and Emergency Medical Services.

Meeting the requirements for certification is a great achievement for the department, insuring that the highest level of service is provided to the citizens of the Franklinville fire district and Randolph County.

Thank you to all Franklinville Fire personnel. This certification is a direct result of your hard work and continuous training.

Press Release
Courier-Tribune Article
Letter of Acceptance
Medium Rescue Certificate
Medical Responder Unit Certification

1/16/12 16:45 -Engine 8 and Squad 8 responded to a 2 vehicle MVC on Loflin Pond Rd. Units arrived to find two patients, with one entrapped. Crews worked to quickly extricate the entrapped patient and mitigate hazards, while also assisting EMS with providing medical care. Randolph County EMS, Ash-Rand EMS, Randolph County Sherrif's Office, and NCSHP were also on scene. Chief 8 (Dixon) had command.

1/3/12 10:31 - Engine 8, Ladder 8, and Engine 84 responded to assist Ramseur Fire (Station 4) with a commercial fire alarm on Foushee Rd. Ramseur Engine 41 arrived to find a working fire in the ceiling of a large commercial building, being held in check by the sprinkler system. FFD crews assisted with fire attack, overhaul, and water removal. East Side Fire (Sta. 14/19/24), Staley Fire (Sta. 7/27), Randolph County EMS, Randolph County Fire Marshal's Office and Ramseur PD were also on scene. Ramseur FF Coleman had command.

12/29/11 22:42 - Engine 8 and Squad 8 responded to a 2 vehicle MVC at the intersection of US Hwy 64E & Foxfire Rd. Units arrived to find all occupants free of the vehicles, with only minor injuries. Crews assisted with patient care, hazard mitigation, and traffic control. Randolph County EMS and PTAR responded to provide medical care. NCSHP was also on scene. 8-E (Sulzer) had command.

Congratulations to the 2011 FFD Award Recipients:
Most Improved Firefighter - FF Jimmy Purgason
Officer of the Year - Cpt. Victor Coward
Firefighter of the Year - Lt. Pete Sulzer

Check our calendar for upcoming training.

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