Extrication Training June 2009
These cars were staged ”accidents” for training of removing a person from a wrecked vehicle. The training beneficial to both new personnel, as well as seasoned firefighters. Training in a controlled setting allows time to practice and learn and ask questions.
Several of the fire fighters volunteered to be ”victims”, stuck in the car to give trainees a real person to remove from the simulated wreck.

Thanks to Johnny's Towing in Ramseur for providing the vehicles.

Upside down
The car is staged on its roof.

Buckled in
The practice dummy is in
the seat belt ready to be removed.
Stabilizing the vehicle.

Staging Equipment
Staging the equipment for use.
Actually removing the victim
Removing the practice dummy.
preparing to remove the victim
After the car is stabilized,
crawling into the car to check the
vitals of the victim.

Another person on pratice on
Another volunteer to be the ”injured” driver.

Stablize person in car
Immobilizing the person in the car.
Stablize person in car

More Pretend victims
More victims pretending to be injured.
jaws of life
Pratice using the Jaws of Life
cutting into the car
to remove the victim.
What's remaining of the vehicles
What's left of the vehicles
after use of the Jaws of life training.

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