The Franklinville Fire Department (FFD) is a non-profit organization that serves a population of 11,800 people and over 300 businesses in Randolph County North Carolina. Established in 1964, FFD serves a 62.4 square mile district. Our area of coverage includes the Town of Franklinville and surrounding communities of White Memorial, Cedar Falls, Pleasant Ridge and Whites Chapel. Our mutual aid area of coverage runs from the NC Zoo on the west, to the Chatham County line on the east, to the Guilford County line on the north and to Coleridge on the south.

What is a combination fire department? A combination fire department has paid and volunteer members. FFD has 4 full time paid positions, one part-time shift and 41 on-call volunteers. This provides staffing in the station 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year. Who are your local firefighters?

FFD is governed by a nine member Board of Directors which is elected by the tax payers within the district. The Board follows a strict set of by laws that was voted and approved by the community. The Board of Directors meets the first Tuesday of each month. These meetings are open to the public. Check our calendar for the next scheduled meeting.

Do you want to pay lower home owners insurance premiums? What is your Fire Departments DOI rating? The Department of Insurance (DOI) and NC Fire Department Ratings standards and the automatic aid agreements, designations range from 1 to 10. Factors such as personnel, training, equipment and water supply are considered when rating a department. Only the biggest municipal departments boast a 1, the best rating. Areas which have no fire department are rated 10. The Franklinville Fire Department DOI rating is 5/7/9. A five for within the Franklinville city limits a seven for rural areas within a five mile radius of the city limits and a nine for areas more than five miles beyond the city limits. The lower or better the DOI rating, the lower the insurance premiums homeowners pay.

When a fire fighter arrives on scene it is imperative that they are trained and ready for the task at hand. The State requires a minimum of 36 hours of documented training for each person on the roster per year. By assessing the types of calls, this department greatly increased and expanded the States required training. Each member is required to have 120 hours of training annually. The result of the training is evident in the response time and the value of the property saved. Check our detailed Call Statistics for more information.