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Mission Statement

OUR MISSION: The primary mission of our Fire Department is to provide a variety of services designed to preserve and protect the lives and property of the community we serve. We accomplish this by providing prompt and professional services in the event of fire, medical emergencies and disasters or any other event which may threaten the public welfare.

OUR VISION: To be recognized by our community as a model of excellence in providing services thru Education, Prevention, and Mitigation (synonymous with the term Leadership). A Department that fosters an environment of involvement, trust and cohesion. A Department responsive to the communities' needs and concerns.

OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES: We believe, we exist to help people. In respect for all people; That people are our most important asset and that continuous improvement is accomplished one step at a time. We do what is best for the people we protect.

Our Purpose: to provide fire fighting and rescue services to our district.

We are supported by Randolph County Taxes. The current rate is 8.5 cents per $100 dollar property value.