Early Thursday morning Sept 2, 2010 fire damaged the Franklinsville Manufacturing Company, also known as the Franklinville Mill. Fire fighters used over 300,000 gallons of water in just under two hours to get the fire under control. Fire departments from across Randolph County responded to help. Tankers carried water from Asheboro to allow the pumpers to douse the flame. Kyle Dixon the fire Chief estimated they used over 1 million gallons of water throughout the day to extinguish the fire.
The Randolph County Historic Landmark Preservation Commission has more information about the mill and it's history.
Photo credits - Firefighter Pete Sulzer and Treasurer Donna Urban

For more news watch clip from News 14.

30 second video clip from
East Side Fire Truck
as it approaches from Hwy 64.

Chris working on the ladder truck

(Photo by P Sulzer)

spray from all directions

(Photo by D. Urban)

working hose from ground

Ladder 8 spraying water from above fire

(P. Sulzer)
tankers dumping water

(D. Urban)

Eng 82 and ladder 8 working

(D. Urban)
After the fire

(D. Urban)
Josh on the pumps

(D. Urban)
West Side FD dumping water

(D. Urban)
Top of Page Rainbow from spary

(D. Urban)