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5/9/16 - Memo From Chief Dixon on New Rating

1/18/16 - FFD Receives 4/5/9E Rating

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Station 88 Officially Opened

After months of planning and construction, Franklinville Fire's fourth station, Station 88, officially opened at 1288 NC Hwy 22 South. Companies currently responding out of Station 88 are Engine 88 and Tanker 88. There is a third apparatus bay open for future use.

This station will place residents in the southern portion of the Franklinville Rural Fire District within the "6-mile district", which is required for fire protection credit on homeowner's insurance. Recent changes to Randolph County property taxes require all property owners in a fire district to pay fire taxes, even if their property does not lie within the "6-mile district". This left some property owners paying fire taxes and higher insurance rates, where they previously paid no fire tax.

More Info and Photos:
Station 88 Page

Multi-company Live Burn Training with Ramseur Fire

On July 20, Franklinville firefighters joined personnel from Ramseur Fire for "live burn" training in an acquired structure. It was an excellent day of training, including the first live burn for some FFD and RFD personnel. The July 28 issue of The Courier-Tribune featured an article on the multi-company drill, and its importance in keeping firefighters ready to respond.

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Help Fire Chief Kyle Dixon Raise "Bail" for MDA

Fire Chief Kyle Dixon is getting "locked up" to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy Association. He needs your help to raise donations for MDA and "bail" him out. The current goal is $3,500 and we have a lot to go. "Make a muscle and make a difference in the fight against Muscular Dystrophy!"

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Single Vehicle Down an Embankment; One Entrapped

7/18/13 14:20 - FFD responded to the single-vehicle accident on NC Hwy 49 North. Engine 8 and Rescue 8 arrived to find a vehicle down an embankment with one patient entrapped. Crews worked with Ash-Rand Rescue personnel to free the patient from the vehicle and move her to the roadway. RCEMS and NCSHP were also on scene.

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7/13/13 10:10 - FFD responded to assist East Side Fire (Sta. 24) for the reported structure fire on Buffalo Ford Road. E-143 arrived to find heavy fire showing from a mobile home. Despite efforts by all personnel involved, two young children perished in the fire. Engine 8, Engine 44, and Tanker 83 responded from FFD. Seagrove Fire, Coleridge-Erect Fire, RCEMS, RCSO, and RCFMO were also on scene.

Our condolences to those affected by this tragedy.

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Vehicle Fire Threatening a Residence

7/9/13 11:31 - FFD responded to the vehicle fire on Loflin Pond Road. Engine 8 arrived to find a working vehicle fire that was threatening a detached car port. Personnel stretched a hoseline and quickly extinguished the fire.
Tanker 83, Ladder 8, and 241 (East Side) were also on scene. Chief 8 (Dixon) had command.

Single-vehicle MVA on Jones Street Ext.

7/8/13 17:10 - FFD responded to the single-vehicle MVA on Jones Street Extension. Rescue 8 and Engine 8 arrived to find an SUV that left the roadway and struck a tree. All occupants were free of the vehicle with minor injuries. RCEMS and NCSHP were also on scene. 22-B (Sulzer) had command.

FFD Responds to Stove Fire

7/8/13 12:58 - FFD responded to the reported structure fire on Foxworth Road. Engine 8 arrived to find nothing showing. Upon investigation, a small, extinguished fire was found involving the oven. Crews removed the oven from the residence and checked for extension. Engine 88 and Tanker 84 were also on scene. East Side Fire (14/19/24) also responded.
Chief 8 (Dixon) had command.

Vehicle vs. Bridge With Entrapment

7/7/13 13:46 - FFD responded to the single-vehicle MVA on Foushee Road. Rescue 8 and Engine 8 arrived with Rescue 2 (Ash-Rand) to find a passenger car that struck the bridge with one patient entrapped. The vehicle came to rest hanging off the bridge with only the guard rail supporting it, complicating the extrication. FFD and Ash-Rand personnel immediately worked to stabilize the vehicle before proceeding with extrication. Once the vehicle was stable and supported, crews removed the windshield and extricated the patient through the opening. Engine 22, Rescue 6 (Ash-Rand), RCEMS, Ramseur PD, and NCSHP were also on scene. AC-8 (Hicks) had command.

Courier-Tribune Article and Photos

Single-vehicle MVA with Entrapment

7/7/13 00:17 - FFD responded to the single-vehicle MVA on Cedar Falls Road. Rescue 8 and Engine 8 arrived to find a passenger car, off the roadway, with one patient entrapped. FFD personnel removed the passenger side doors to free the patient, who recieved minor injuries in the crash. RCEMS and NCSHP were also on scene. AC-8 (Hicks) had command.

Updates on Station 88

Construction continues on FFD's fourth station. Updates and photos of Station 88's progress can be found at:
- the FFD Facebook page
- the Station 88 page on

First-due Woods Fire With Residence Threatened

3/14/13 17:03 - FFD responded to the reported woods fire on Silkwood Road. Engine 8 and Brush Engine 8 arrived to find a working woods fire, which had extended to a wooden fence and was threatening a residence. Crews stretched two forestry lines to knockdown the fire, stopping it short of damaging the house. Crews completed mop-up operations and dug protective lines. NC Forest Service was also on scene. Chief 8 (Dixon) had command.

FFD Responds to First-due Chicken House Fire

2/18/13 07:58 - FFD responded to the reported commercial structure fire on Stout Acres Road. Engine 8 arrived to find a well-involved chicken house fire. A second alarm was pulled early on due to the hard-to-access location of the structure, need for rural water supply, and probability of extended overhaul. The fire was believed to have been burning long before it was discovered, giving it a head start on arriving crews.

Personnel made a quick stop of the fire considering the many challenges involved, including having to cut through the metal siding of the structure to gain access. The fire advanced very little between initial arrival and suppression. The large amount of damage required extended overhaul that lasted multiple hours. Approximately 2,500 of the 19,000 chickens were saved in the unburned quarter of the building.

Engine 8, Engine 84, Engine 44, Tanker 83, Tanker 22, Staley FD(7/27), and Coleridge-Erect FD(9/10) responded on the initial alarm. Ramseur FD(4) and East Side FD(14/19/24) responded on the second alarm. RCEMS and 824(Hunt) were also on scene. Chief 8(Dixon) had command.

More Photos
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Photo: ESFD

2/8/13 03:48 - FFD responded to the reported barn fire on Old Liberty Road. Engine 22 arrived to find a fully involved barn fire with two vehicles involved. Crews stretched multiple handlines to extinguish the structure and vehicles, while also protecting numerous exposures. Engine 44 set up rural water supply operations. Engine 8, Tanker 83, Tanker 22, Staley FD(7), Climax FD(35/42), and RCEMS were also on scene. 823 (Pittman) handled the investigation. Chief 8 (Dixon) had command.

2/6/13 13:39 - FFD responded to the reported house fire on Whites Memorial Road. Engine 8 arrived to find heavy smoke showing and a working fire. Crews deployed a handline and began an interior attack. The bulk of the fire on the 1st floor was knocked down, but overhaul revealed extended fire throughout the void space between the ceiling and roof. The open space, which ran the length of the structure, created a challenge for crews attempting to knock down the remaining fire. Extensive overhaul operations were required to entirely extinguish the fire. Proactive salvage operations saved a large amount of property from inside the structure. Crews were also able to located and remove the occupant's dog from the structure. The dog was wet, dirty, and shaken up, but was otherwise unharmed.

Engine 22, Engine 84, Tanker 83, Tanker 22, Climax Fire(35/42), East Side Fire (14/19), Staley Fire (7), RCEMS, and 823(Pittman) were also on scene. Chief 8(Dixon) had command.

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Building Company Pride at Franklinville Fire

There's a new piece of custom furniture in the kitchen at FFD Station 8. The new table was built by Captains Causey and Coward. They not only gave their time to the project, but also donated the money to purchase the materials. The solid wood table replaces an old, donated kitchen table that was well used over the years.

The new table features long benches and provides enough room for the paid staff, residents, and volunteers manning the station to all share a meal together. The table is finished off with a large "Station 8" decal on top and the added detail of old 5" supply hose serving as the "legs".

For centuries, the firehouse kitchen table has been a gathering place for firefighters. Sharing meals together builds camaraderie, and provides an informal setting for senior members to share stories and lessons with the less experienced. Also, with a partly volunteer roster, a full kitchen table translates to full rigs when a run comes in. FFD members take pride in the details and in continuing the traditions of the fire service. Check back for more stories from behind the scenes at FFD.

1/25/13 21:48 - FFD responded to the outbuilding fire on Foxworth Road. 8-A(Hurley) arrived to find a working outbuilding fire threatening multiple exposures, with an electrical hazard from a power line connected to a meter on the building. Units had to deal with extremely icey road conditions while responding. Engine 44 and Engine 8 arrived and stretched handlines, however due to the arcing meter box/power line they could not immediately make a direct fire attack.

Crews initiated salvage and exposure protection operations while waiting for the power to be neutralized. Two nearby residences were protected and a passenger vehicle, two motorcycles, and a dirt bike were moved from the building to prevent damage. Once the electrical hazard was eliminated, crews extinguished the fire. Multiple items stored in the rear of the building were still able to be saved in fair condition.

East Side FD(Sta 14/24) also responded, but were cleared early on. Tanker 83 and RCEMS were also on scene. 8-A(Hurley) had command.

Foxworth Fire

1/24/13 21:09 - FFD responded to the reported house fire on Cheek Road. Engine 8 arrived to find a single family dwelling with a working fire in the attic space. Crews deployed a handline to make an aggressive interior stop of the fire. Engine 22 and Ladder 8 arrived soon after and crews went to work on search and outside vent assignments. East Side FD (Sta 14) provided a crew to assist with overhaul and salvage operations. Staley FD (Sta 7) set-up for rural water supply.

Engine 44, Tanker 44, Tanker 83, RCEMS, and 820(Whatley) were also on scene. AC-8(Hicks) had command.

Cheek Fire 1Cheek Fire 2

After passing inspection with the North Carolina Department of Insurance, Station 44 officially meets the requirements as an operational fire station. This allows for the expansion of the "Fire Insurance District" to include the entire northern portion of the "Fire Response District". This means that numerous property owners in the Old Liberty Rd/Faith Way Trl/Little Point Rd area, who did not previously recieve "credit" for fire protection on their homeowner's insurance, will recieve credit for the rural district-wide 7/9E rating. This change becomes effective on May 1, 2013 and will result in lower insurance premiums for the affected parcels.

Along with further shortening response times, this was one of the purposes for constructing Station 44. A similar situation in the southeastern portion of the fire district created the need for Station 88, which is now under construction on Hwy. 22 South.

The map below shows the affected parcels highlighted in blue (click for a larger pdf):
44 map small

Links for more information:
Larger Sta. 44 affected area map
Letter from NC DOI

1/11/13 23:17 - FFD responded to the reported house fire on Whites Memorial Road. Engine 8 arrived to find smoke showing with a working fire in the residence. Engine 8's crew stretched a line and initiated a quick, interior attack. Tanker 83, Engine 44, and Tanker 22 set up for rural water supply. Ladder 8 was also on scene. The main body of fire was contained to a single room and crews began salvage and overhaul operations. FFD units were on scene for over 4 hours, returning to service around 04:00. Climax FD, East Side FD, and RCEMS were also on scene. 824(Hunt) responded for investigation. AC-8(Hicks) had command.

FFD personnel stayed busy afterward, responding to two additional runs before 06:00.

wmfire 1wmfire 2

Check our calendar for upcoming training.